Portrait — Ines & Marie


I had the opportunity to illustrate the lovely duo of "Ines & Marie" events (Formerly "Take A Seat Events") earlier this fall to celebrate the launch of their rebrand!  It was so much fun to work with them on this portrait and even have a fun little giveaway.  Even more fun, I was able to meet them in person at my local Tuesday's Together meeting!

They are so sweet in person too, I wish I had them around when I was planning my own wedding a few years ago!

Watercolor Crest — When the Cat is Queen

Do you have a pet that rules the roost?

Than you can relate to Samantha and Calvin.  The only thing that could possibly match their love for each other is their love for "Queen", their darling cat.  Calvin adopted her as a kitten while he and Samantha were still dating.  They quickly fell in love and became the "crazy" cat parents that they are today!  Naturally, when brainstorming ways to personalize their crest, Queen became part of the conversation in record time.


We considered showing off Queen's playful and lovable side, and even include a mouse (one of her favorite gifts to find for her dear Mama) in the corner, but we decided to show off her more regal mood.  This seemed fitting for the more formal personality of a crest itself, and still gave us a chance to showcase a side of their sweet pet.  Her favorite "throne" is a dusty blue and white pin stripe wing-back chair, which inspired the crest shape and color, while Samantha's love for deep purple and lilacs decided the rest of the color scheme.

What details would YOU include in a family crest?

June 2017 Desktop Calendar & Home Goods

It's had to believe that it's already June.  Maybe it's the "baby brain" that everyone told me about before our son was born (It's real, in case you were wondering), but time is going by so quickly now!  I am excited to welcome summer, the sunshine and the flowers.  The misquotes can stay away, however.

My friend, Katie, requested Hydrangeas a few months back and I am finally accommodating. I confess, I was intimidated at the very idea of painting these beautiful but complicated flowers!   I'm open to any other requests / inspiration for upcoming calendars, so feel free to send over any thing that you are dying to decorate your space with!

Download this and another free desktop calendar design HERE

I have also added this hydrangea watercolor to a few of my Society6 items!  Some examples are displayed below.