Greenery Wedding Trends 2017 - Wedding Invitation

The "greenery" trend has taken the wedding field by storm (See some of my favorite "green" wedding trends on Pinterest here and here.  And not just because it's Pantone's color of the year (2017)!  Even in 2016, elegant displays of green foliage began to dominate wedding accents and decor.  Cascading bouquets of simple florals and extravagant amounts of vines and leaves (like my personal favorite, eucalyptus leaves) steal the show, while large murals of intricate greenery taking up an entire wall in the reception.  Wedding signs are made into statement pieces with beautiful arrangements adoring them.  What is not to love about this trend?  As you might imagine, I was thrilled to have a chance to create a suite inspired by the "Greenery" trend.  I love the combination of organic and "wild" green leaves and the structured gold foil that the leaves hang on—hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Watercolor Home Decor | Society6

I am learning that preparing for baby means that I am thinking a lot about getting the house clean and organized.  My business flow is tighter than ever and I am itching to finish all of the unfinished projects that I see.  Can you say "nesting"?

While I was running around like a crazy person, I was forced to consider, again, the current state of our pillows.  I am a pillow girl.  I love a good pattern, I love the comfort of having about 200 pillows around, and I am picky-picky-picky about the feel of and pattern on my pillows!  I used Society6 to create my Christmas pillows a few years ago and had a good experience overall, so I thought I would explore that option again.

Three hours later, I have a whole collection of home decor and accessories that are littered with various watercolor floral patterns that I have created.  While I am still trying to decide what to order for our own home, I thought I would share the current collection with all of you!  Below you will find a few samples of the items available:

March 2017 Desktop Calendar

March. I have been waiting for this month for a long time and I can't really describe my feelings now that we have finally arrived.  I am filled with more excitement than I can express to meet our sweet baby boy, but at the same time, I am nervous about the changes ahead for our little family.  Thankfully the excitement outweighs the fear the majority of the time!

ANYWAY, I am getting ahead of myself! #BabyBlushed is not due until the END of March and, God willing, he won't make a showing until then.  In the meantime, let's celebrate "baby month" with a new desktop calendar, shall we?

If you are counted among my nearest and dearest correspondents, you have already received this design and it's not-so-identical-twin in your Email inbox.  Otherwise, you will need to sign up HERE.  Don't worry, it doesn't cost you anything!  I just need your Email so that I can send you the new designs each month.

2017 Wedding Trends — Monogram Crest

I am loving the recent crest trend.  Combine it with watercolor, and I am one happy designer!  I've had the pleasure of making a few crests for my brides, and they have displayed them in their homes after the wedding.  And then it occurred to me that these designs would make great home decor!

Long story short, I am now offering watercolor crests as an individual element, rather than only including them with my Heirloom collection.

February 2017 Desktop Calendar

This year is already flying by. I can hardly believe that February has arrived and that our sweet baby will be here within 2 months!  But don't worry, I am already working ahead to create a beautiful calendar for you each month of my Maternity leave (baby's birth until June 12th)

Due to his upcoming arrival in the middle of my peak season, I am working hard behind the scenes to finish up projects for my brides. I cannot wait to show you all of the beautiful things that we have created together.  Until then, you will have to satisfy yourself with these desktop calendars ;)  Sign up to receive both of them—for free, of course—HERE

To see day-by-day creations and behind the scenes peeks at baby's nursery, be sure to visit instagram

Oh, and ps. I am now offering my desktop background patterns as home decor and accessories through Society6.  Below you can see February's addition to the collection!