The perfect heirloom to commemorate your special day.  An elegant ink outline captures you and your loved one in a moment of true joy, while colored pencils or watercolors bring the entire piece to life!  Loving the look of the "unfinished", raw sketch?  I'm offering that now too, and I cannot wait to begin on your very own beautiful piece!

Please check the banner at the top of this website for current availability in my design calendar


The Design Process:

Step One: Your Vision

After you check out, I will contact you via Email regarding the photos and other details you would like me to illustrate.  From there I will create a sketch that reflects your vision.  Once the sketch is complete, I will send that to you for approval.

Step Two: The Proposal

Once you review your sketch, I will take your feedback and revise the sketch if and where it is needed.  If multiple changes are required, then I will submit the sketch a second time for approval.  Once you are happy with the sketch, we can begin on the fun!

Each portrait includes 2 revisions, and every revision after that is an additional $25.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 6.58.08 PM.png


Step Three: The Creation

After we are satisfied with the sketch, I will begin the final piece! A delicate ink outline will capture your loved ones forever while the colored pencil or watercolor will bring energy and life to the portrait.

When your one of a kind illustration is complete, I will carefully package the design up and send it to you!  Should you wish to have a digital copy of your portrait, simply contact me about licensing and prices.