Bridal Portraits / Single Person Portraits


Bridal Portraits / Single Person Portraits


The perfect heirloom to commemorate your special day.  An elegant ink outline beautifully captures the lovely bride or her dress, while colored pencils or watercolors bring the entire piece to life!  I cannot wait to begin on your very own beautiful piece.


  • 8x10 original artwork by Katrina Crouch
  • Artwork can be created from a single photo or merged from multiple photos
  • Simple details can be added to the background for no additional charge.  For a more complex background, please contact for a custom quote.
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The Design Process:

Step One: Your Vision

After you check out, I will contact you via Email regarding the photos and other details you would like me to illustrate.  From there I will create a sketch that reflects your vision.  Once the sketch is complete, I will send that to you for approval.

Step Two: The Proposal

After you review the sketch, I will take your feedback and revise the sketch if needed.  Each portrait includes 2 revisions, and every revision after that is an additional $25.

Step Three: The Design

After we are satisfied with the sketch, I will bring your portrait to life! After the ink is added, no major revisions can be made.  This part of the process can take up to a week to complete.

Step Four: Delivery

After your beautiful portrait is finished, I will prepare it for shipping and delivery.  You will receive a digital copy of your portrait with your shipment confirmation.