Blushed serves the romantic at heart brides who want the elegance of a high end design without the stuffiness.  A blend of historic, fine art inspired design with a fresh twist.  Think "Old World's" younger sister—a little more laughter and play, but the same underlying elegance and European flair.  She knows which fork to use, but she can also break the tension with a well placed compliment or joke.

As a creative, I believe that standing on the firm foundation of classic, beautifully traditional design with a hidden playful quality is what makes unique, timeless designs.  Just like the healthy marriage that you will have in the near future—solid, but not short of fun.

Fine Art Wedding Invitations. Deckled, handmade paper with a flower illustration on it by Blushed Design, Fine Artist

Katrina Crouch

Founder | Artist | Wife | Mama

Hello! And welcome, I'm Katrina Crouch.
I grew up in Michigan where I still live with my husband, Todd, and our little boy.  Most days you can find me dancing with my son to anything with a beat, going for walks around the neighborhood, and sneaking some a chocolate chip cookie!  While I still try to put myself together every day in the feminine details that I love—chiffon ruffles and peplums are especially close to my heart right now—realistically, a top knot is my main accessory and I currently have a little snot on my shoulder from when the toddler wiped his nose after an "I want to eat the Cheese Its" tantrum.  But apparently that is typical for the stage of life that we are in right now!

Todd is actually a fantastic oil painter.  Sometimes the competitive and prideful side of me gets irritated with how naturally talented he is, but then I'm so proud of him that it doesn't last long!  We taught art and coached cross country together for a few years before I came home full time after the baby was born, and Todd still teaches there today.  While I am so grateful to be able to focus on our family and my business, I do miss working side by side with my favorite guy every week!


    When I'm not busy working on your wedding invitations, you can find our little family sitting on our back deck, playing zealous games of "Ticket to Ride", reading out loud to one another, or pushing our son on the swing—that mama of the year award isn't going to win itself, after all!

    What I'm mostly known for—and why you are probably here—is my passion: working with brides and individuals who love the elegance and sophistication of the "old world", but aren't afraid to admit that their real life is (at least a little) more relaxed and fun!
    As an artist, I have been featured on The White Wren, Wax Seals, Style Me Pretty, Rising Tide Society, Wedding Day Magazine, and Martha Steward Weddings.


    If you're dying for more, here are five things you may not know about me:

    1. I am part of a fantastic mom's group that has been my lifeline during this new season! Being able to ask questions, laugh or cry without being judged or criticized has made such a difference in my life and attitude through this journey of motherhood.
    2. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and would be lost without Him!  Regardless of what happens with this business or my family, I can rest in knowing that He loves me and is in control.  That's a big deal for this perfectionist/control freak!
    3. We struggled to conceive our son due to a hormone disorder (PCOS).  We are so thankful for our little miracle and do hope to continue to add to our family in the future.
    4. Despite having two professional artists in our home, we have very little artwork on the wall! I have a few of commitment...
    5. My wedding invitations were burlap and lace inspired.  Yes, I designed and illustrated them myself.  And no, they will never see the light of day again.
    Wedding Invitations with Handmade Paper and a thread wrapped around the suite and sealed with a wax seal.  Watercolor crest on handmade paper wedding invitation.  Blushed Design: Wedding Invitations and Fine Art Portraits

    Wedding Invitations

    Full service, original wedding invitations designed with Blushed's signature style: historic elegance with a fresh twist.  Each design is as unique as the couple it is created for and beautiful enough to be cherish forever.

    Unique First Anniversary Gift. Beautiful, Illustrated Bridal Portrait of the Bride and Groom by Blushed Design, Fine Artist.

    Illustrated Portraits

    These one of a kind heirlooms are the perfect way to commemorate your special day.  Capturing you and your loved one forever on this timeless, handmade paper, your portrait will be a focal point to treasure forever.

    A custom wax seal is the perfect addition to your wedding invitations. Custom wax seal design by Blushed Design, Fine Artist


    I had the privilege of teaching art on the side for 5 years along side of my husband, who still teaches full time.  I can't seem to shake the habit and love sharing my passion and knowledge on Instagram as I go, or in workshops.


    Photos on this page by: Shanell Photography, Katrina Crouch, Megan Lee Photography