a blend of historic, fine art inspired design with a fresh, modern twist.

As a creative, I believe that standing on the firm foundation of classic, beautifully traditional design with a hidden playful quality is what makes unique, timeless designs.  Just like a healthy marriage—solid, but not short of fun.

In both the artwork and education produced here at Blushed, you will find a solid foundation built upon years of history and proven experience. I’m not interested in creating (or teaching you how create) from a formula or cookie cutter techniques. Rather, I want to capture the essence of the subject, infuse it with my own style and aesthetic, and share a story. Excellence with a purpose, history with a twist. That is our mission at Blushed Design.



Katrina Crouch

Artist | Educator | Wife | Mama

Hello! And welcome, I'm Katrina Crouch.
Wife to fellow artist and master chocolate chip maker, mama to a car-loving toddler, quoter of Jane Austen, and a recovering perfectionist.  Together we are striving to create an elegant life while still allowing our family to function with ease and grace rather than just with "beauty".

My happy place is a flower garden with a shady spot to sit, some snacks and time to draw or chat with friends.  If there's a place for our babies to play and ramble safely close by?   That's the icing on the cake!

Most days you can find me dancing with my son to anything with a beat, going for walks around the neighborhood, and sneaking one of my husband’s chocolate chip cookies!  I make it a point to put myself together at least a little bit every day.  But realistically, a top knot is my main accessory and as I write this, I have a little snot on my shoulder from when the toddler wiped his nose after an "I want Cheese Its for dinner" meltdown. Apparently that is typical for the stage of life that we are in right now, and I am learning to embrace it!

If you're dying for more:

  1. I’m a type 1 (Enneagram)! I’m a perfectionist about my own work and really strive to do what is right and good. When I’m in my element, I can be bold and spontaneous.

  2. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and would be lost without Him! Regardless of what happens with this business or my family, I can rest in knowing that He loves me and is in control. That's a big deal for this perfectionist/control freak!

  3. I drink from a crystal goblet at almost every meal. It’s usually water, but I love the extra fancy touch.

  4. I have PCOS and it took us about 2 years to have our son. We are in another season of infertility treatments, but so thankful for the little miracle we already have to hold!

  5. My own wedding invitations were burlap and lace inspired. Yes, I designed and illustrated them myself. And no, they will never see the light of day again.


Photos on this page by: Shanell Photography, Katrina Crouch