Shading Techniques Drawing Course | Video Tutorial Series


Shading Techniques Drawing Course | Video Tutorial Series


“I can’t believe I just drew that” something I hear from my flower drawing students a lot! But this doesn’t have to be a story about them,

This could be you too!

I am so excited to be opening up the BLUSHED Shading Techniques Drawing Course. This all inclusive class builds off the lessons that you learned in the Floral Drawing Challenge and takes it deeper into specific shading techniques that will give your flowers a realistic, 3D appearance—whether you’re working in pencil, ink, on a tablet, or even with watercolor—you’re ability to see and communicate space and shadows will grow throughout this course.

I have drawn (pun intended) from my years of teaching art and even interviewed my husband (who is also an art teacher!) while I was creating this content—but most importantly, I took the questions that you sent me, the needs that you expressed and the hopes that you shared with me. And this is what all of us created together:

This Course Includes:

  1. Art Supplies (and supply list)

  2. Drawing Exercises (and worksheet)

  3. Shading Exercises and Terminology (and worksheet)

  4. Traditional Shading Methods

  5. Modern Shading Methods (Cross Hatching)

  6. Getting Out Of A RUT!


Add this item to your cart and checkout. You will receive a TIME SENSITIVE LINK to the PDF—this link will expire in 24 hours, so please download the items as soon as possible.

Naturally, if your link expires, then I will send you the files, but I would hate for you to have to wait!
The files will include:

  • PDF with links to all of the private YouTube videos in this course

  • A complete list of my favorite art supplies

  • A worksheet with my warm up exercises

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The most challenging part for me has always been shading but your course helped me to understand the highlight/ shadow better and how it translates to layering my watercolors. It automatically adds depth and interest.
Hillary C.


How long will I have access to these classes?

Lifetime! Keep the files that I send on hand as they contain all of the links to the videos!

What kind of flowers do you teach us to draw?

The principles and techniques that you learn in this course will help you to draw any flower (and really, all subjects) with more confidence and proficiency. I’m pretty anti-”formula”, so I will not be showing you a step-by-step, cookie cutter method of drawing a flower. I would rather teach you how to draw anything you want than teach you how to draw a cartoon.

Will there be homework?

Not officially. There are a few classes where I have a specific assignment, but most of them are showcasing a drawing principle that you will then be able to implement into your artwork immediately.

How long is each lesson?

Between 4 and 20 minutes depending on the lesson and how complex it is. I don’t think we need to dwell on a subject longer just to fill a time requirement, and I don’t want to rush more difficult lessons either, so I allowed the videos to flow on their own!

Why a private “YouTube” course?

There are multiple reasons that I decided to host my course on YouTube, but the biggest one is that I can keep my classes at an affordable price for you. If I am working with a third party host, there are some wonderful features that we could implement, but the cost of this class would be almost double so that I don’t loose money on the courses each month.