I believe that anyone can learn to draw.

Art is a muscle, and like any other muscle, it needs to be exercised and carefully trained
in order to grow to it’s full potential


While some have natural talent, it’s the lack of exercise and technique that leaves people wishing they “could draw”, and not a lack of ability. Care to prove me right?

I am a classically trained fine artist—but I actually taught art professionally on the side for years before I had our first son. While I don’t intend to go back to traditional teaching anytime soon, I can’t seem to shake the habit and have started sharing my art and the techniques that I have learned over the years. I am so honored to have you join me as we pursue artistic excellence!

3 Ways To Jump Start Your Growth:


Art Classes

If you’re ready to take your artistic journey seriously, then this is the step for you. Not your typical “beginner courses”, these classes are designed to take the artist from the foundation to advanced techniques, based off of my years as an art teacher in a traditional classroom.

The Floral Drawing Challenge

Learn to draw realistic florals in less than a week! Five days, five video tutorials, five of my favorite drawing tricks.
You’ll be amazed with what you can accomplish in so short a time!

YouTube Channel

A new video uploaded on the first Friday of every month featuring art tutorials and stationery tips! This is a great way to get a taste of my teaching style, though the real “meat” of my education comes from my courses.


Or browse related topics on my blog:


Q: What art supplies do you recommend?
A: I am a firm believer that the tools are not as important as the technique. I’ve seen people make things with crayola crayons that would knock your socks off! However, once you reach a certain skill level, it does become really helpful to invest in higher quality tools. I have a running list of my favorite art supplies LINKED HERE.

Q: Do you print in house or outsource?
A: I primarily outsource my printing. I have an old printer from college that does okay for printing off simple sketches, but I would rather let a professional handle that aspect of it!

Q: How long did you teach art?
A: For about 5 years.

Q: Why do you only post a new YouTube video once a month
A: YouTube is such a small part of my business. The videos are there to help support my larger blog posts, but I don’t make any money off of them, thus, they are low on the priority scale. I also have a family and want to see them once in a while! haha