Watercolor Peonies

What's your favorite flower?

When I get the itch to paint, I seem to gravitate towards watercolor peonies.  Because I love peonies!  I know, I know—typical blogger/instagramer!  But they've been a long time favorite.  We always had a bunch growing in our back yard when I was growing up and they always reached their peak right about when school was getting out.  Which, in short, is the best time of the year ;)  It wasn't really summer until Mom put a giant bouquet of the raspberry and white peonies on our dining room table.

Now that we have our own house, I am so excited to plant up my own peony bush and enjoy those big beautiful blooms right outside of my window every year!  However we are a bit late on the planting band wagon this year, so I may have to stalk my neighbor's gardens a little longer when the watercolor peony bug bites... below are a few of my favorites