Watercolor Home Decor | Society6

I am learning that preparing for baby means that I am thinking a lot about getting the house clean and organized.  My business flow is tighter than ever and I am itching to finish all of the unfinished projects that I see.  Can you say "nesting"?

While I was running around like a crazy person, I was forced to consider, again, the current state of our pillows.  I am a pillow girl.  I love a good pattern, I love the comfort of having about 200 pillows around, and I am picky-picky-picky about the feel of and pattern on my pillows!  I used Society6 to create my Christmas pillows a few years ago and had a good experience overall, so I thought I would explore that option again.

Three hours later, I have a whole collection of home decor and accessories that are littered with various watercolor floral patterns that I have created.  While I am still trying to decide what to order for our own home, I thought I would share the current collection with all of you!  Below you will find a few samples of the items available: