Blushed Design | 2019 Updates

What a pleasure it is to be here serving you in 2019. So much of 2017 and early 2018 left me with doubts and struggling to even be here before you as a business. Being a full time work from home mom is tough, and honestly I thought one of these “babies” of mine (one literal and one figurative if you didn’t catch that) was going to survive the other without therapy! haha But I truly love both aspects of my work and home life, and giving myself more grace, space and structure where it is needed has drastically helped me to go from drowning to finding joy in this crazy season.

With that being said, I am still learning and evolving as a mother and a business owner. As my child grows and our family and seasons change, I need to adjust accordingly! Sometimes it’s my business hours, and sometimes it’s my offerings. This time, it’s a little of both!

Okay, enough chit chat! Let’s get into the announcements, shall we?

Bold modern wedding invitations with a delicate floral illustration, fully patterned envelope liner and custom wax seal.  I love the modern text lay out paired with the sketchy floral of this wedding invitation suite!  So elegant and romantic. #romanticwedding #fineartwedding #weddingstationery #weddinginvitations #weddinginspiration
Fine art blue wedding invitations featuring handmadepaper and a delicate illustration with a pair of darling little birds!  These wedding invitations are perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding. #midwestwedding #weddinginspiration #fineartwedding

THE HEIRLOOM EXPERIENCE: Custom Wedding Stationery

This baby isn’t going anywhere! I love creating custom stationery for my high end brides, but I will be accepting fewer brides starting this year and for the next few years. My goal is to love on the brides that I do work with harder and to give them more undivided attention than I have been able to before now. Let’s make this a truly luxurious experience—after all, it only happens once in your life!

The Heirloom Experience is typically priced between $3,000 - 5,000.

Minimal fine art wedding invitations on beautiful handmade paper with an illustrated vellum overlay.  Beautiful organic calligraphy graces each page paired with striking and unique typography for the rest of the text.  The handmade paper of these wedding invitations also gives it a luxurious feel. #luxuryweddinginvitations #handmadepaper #modernwedding #fineartwedding #Vellumweddinginvitations
Romantic wedding invitations for the fine art bride.  These wedding invitations are the perfect mix of romantic feminity and clean sophistication.  The star of the show is definitely the floral illustrations, but the beautiful modern calligraphy and handmade paper come in a close second! #fineartwedding #romanticwedding #whimsicalwedding #weddinginvitations #elegantweddinginvitations

THE EDITORIAL COLLECTION: Semi Custom Wedding Stationery

This is probably our biggest announcement! What a thrill it has been to create this line of uniquely beautiful wedding stationery! I hope that you love each piece of this collection as much as I do. I wanted to be able to give my brides the Blushed aesthetic but on an easier timeline and with a little more predictability.

To start, we are offering two paper types (not including the vellum overlays) for the Editorial Collection: smooth 120lb cotton card stock, and Rossi’s Italian handmade paper. Both options are unique and carry their own beautiful qualities that give a different feel (literally and figuratively) to your wedding papers.

Customizable elements include colors and wording, as well as special upgrades such as envelope liners, custom wax seals, envelope addressing and assembly, to name a few.

Beautiful monogram wax seals with a unique floral accent.  Each initial wax seal includes a custom floral accent and a bold serif initial.  Elegant wax seals for wedding invitations #romanticweddinginvitations #elegantweddinginvitations #waxseals #waxseal #botanicalwaxseal #flowerwaxseal
Unique botanical wax seal in a beautiful antique gold.  David Austin roses have a similar look to the romance of peonies and make an ideal wax seal for a garden wedding!  Unique wax seals for wedding invitations #romanticweddinginvitations #elegantwaxseals #waxseals #waxseal #botanicalwaxseal #flowerwaxseal


This goes hand in hand with the launch of the Editorial Collection. There is no way that I could go without a few custom wax seals to share with you! I’m a little too obsessed with wax seals for that ;)

The wax seal shop features ___ exclusive designs that you can purchase as a stamp or as a set of self adhesive wax seals in the color of your choice. The sealing wax colors that I recommend are limited based on the overall aesthetic of the Editorial Collection, but I am able to provide the full range of the Artisaire sealing wax colors—including vellum!

Stay tuned, because there may or may not be a Christmas collection added to these seals in the near future! So many exciting things!

Fine art portraits are being discontinued from Blushed Design! Available exclusively for Blushed Brides as a first anniversary gift or in addition to their wedding invitation suite.  Watercolor bridal portraits may return in the future to Blushed Design. #watercolorportraits #bridalportrait #fineartwedding
Grosse Pointe War Memorial wedding inspiration.  Beautiful, historic wedding invitations featuring a venue illustration of the War Memorial of Grosse Pointe Michigan.  Such a beautiful and classy way to set your invitations apart and show off your unique venue and style! #michiganwedding #grossepointwarmemorial #grossepointewedding #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding


Due to the recent demand on my schedule, I am discontinuing a few of my custom artwork offerings as a stand alone item. Which simply means that it is only available to my brides.

Portraits will be available to Heirloom Collection brides as part of their wedding papers or an anniversary gift. Editorial Collection brides will be offered an opportunity to commission a portrait for an anniversary gift, but they will not be available for their wedding papers.

Venues, similar to portraits, are being discontinued as a stand alone feature. Architectural illustrations may be incorporated into any aspect of an Heirloom Collection bride’s wedding papers, while Editorial Collection brides are limited to envelope liners, maps and detail cards.

These two items are also available in collaboration with other vendors, such as wedding planners and fellow stationers, but will not be available to the public as a single purchase item.

Learn how to draw whimsical and organic florals in my tutorials!

ART TUTORIALS: YouTube and Courses

Art tutorials and classes will continue as scheduled! I have a new video tutorial coming out on the first Friday of every month with an occasional bonus video in-between. These videos consist largely of watercolor and drawing tutorials with the occasional stationery designer related video. My goal is to work back up to two videos every single month, but we’ll see how that goes—for now, once a month is manageable and that’s how I like to keep my life, haha!