Flower Drawings - Spring 2019

It’s not unusual to find me with pen to paper and a flower bursting forth at the end of it! Flower drawing is one of my very favorite pass times, and my most frequent way to warm up before creating something for a client. I find the delicate petals of flowers captivating and graceful—which is very unlike my every day life! haha, maybe that’s why I love drawing flowers so much?

Regardless of my unconscious motivation to draw flowers endlessly, I thought it was well past time for me to share some of the illustrations that I have created during my own creative moments. I hope you enjoy!

I love these wild roses at peek bloom!  There's something about pencil flower drawings that makes my heart sing.  Whimsical wild rose pencil drawing by Katrina of Blushed Design. #floraldrawing #flowerdrawing #botanicalillustration #wildroses #rosetattoo
There's something so romantic and free about Wild Roses!  Wild rose botanical illustration featuring a whimsical wreath arrangement.  Beautiful pencil flower drawing by Katrina of Blushed Design. #floraldrawing #flowerdrawing #botanicalillustration #wildroses

The flower drawings above actually feature the same single illustration (original shown on the left) but manipulated in different ways. I was so captivated by the movement featured in the graceful curve of the original illustration that I had to play with it further to create this elongated wreath of sorts. I love how it looks like the petals and buds are dancing. Do we need some wallpaper with this illustration featured? I’m starting to think so!

I love these beautiful spray roses at peek bloom!  Spray and garden roses are under-rated in my opinion.  Botanical illustration featuring whimsical rose pencil drawing by Katrina of Blushed Design. #floraldrawing #flowerdrawing #botanicalillustration #gardenroses
I love this whimsical arrangement of these wild roses in full bloom!  Botanical illustration featuring whimsical rose pencil drawing by Katrina of Blushed Design. #floraldrawing #flowerdrawing #botanicalillustration #gardenroses

More roses! I have been in a serious rose kick this spring and I am not about to apologize for it! In fact, I don’t see it ending anytime soon ;)

If you took my Floral Drawing Challenge, than you will likely be very familiar with these illustrations already, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them again! On the left, I love how the lighter leaves add another layer of depth and dimension. Definitely one of my favorite tricks! And those perfectly imperfect petals are my favorite!

On the right, I love the movement—again, you’re going to see a trend here! I love how flowers naturally form these graceful shapes and lines that have visual movement all their own! Of course, I exaggerate these movements with a few of my own secret tricks, but why not? So pretty, right?

Botanical illustration featuring an ink contour and modern shading on large, floppy garden roses that almost have a romantic peony feel!  Learn to shade like this in Katrina's new Flower Shading Course! #botanicalillustrations #flowerillustrations #botanicaldrawing #flowerdrawing #floraldrawing
Beautiful peony illustration featuring two large blooms and a few other delicate botanicals within the bouquet.  Learn to draw beautiful illustrations like this by taking the Floral Drawing Challenge by Blushed Design. #flowerdrawing #floraldrawingchallenge #botanicaldrawing #botanicalillustration

I can’t believe you all pushed me into shading! I left my shading days behind me long ago (or so I thought), but it felt so good to get back into it and try old things with new techniques! This illustration is the subject of the “modern shading” section of my Shading Techniques Drawing Course. And I’m itching to dive in further and do this a little more!
The illustration on the right is actually a little older than the rest of these, but I realized that I never shared the sketch of this illustration from last fall! If you have the Blushed Botanical Calendar, you will probably recognize this as the cover illustration! Especially comparing the two illustrations side by side, it’s encouraging to see that I’m still growing and improving in my own techniques and abilities :)