Monarch Butterfly Watercolor Tutorial

Full disclosure, I have never been a “butterfly” person. My best friend actually is, so I am not a stranger to their charms, but I did not develop the same love for them as others have throughout the years. Even though we actually raised butterflies growing up a few summers, I guess they didn’t stick with me all that much. I actually prefer birds in the winged-beauties category.

But… I may have converted! This monarch butterfly painting was so much fun, and I found it addicting. I have a full series of butterfly paintings to create this month (let me know if you want to see those videos too), and I can already see that I am going to have a ton of fun with them! Will they replace flowers in my heart? Not likely, but it’s nice to create something a little different now and again, right? Anyway, I’ll show you what I have planned for these beauties in a few weeks—until then, let’s move on to the TUTORIAL!

Masking Fluid video:


Masking fluid:
Drawing Pencil (HB):


“Standard” Brushes:
Watercolor Brushes (I mostly used Round 6):
This kit offers a great variety:

My Watercolor Palette:

Ivory Black:
Chinese White:
Cadmium Red:
Alizarin Crimson:
Burnt Umber:
Raw Sienna:
Sap Green:
Yellow Ochre:
Cadmium Yellow:
Terre Verte (Yellow Shade):
Burnt Sienna:
Permanent Rose:
Rhodonite Genuine:
Jadeite Genuine:
Amethyst Genuine:
Mayan Blue Genuine:
Piemontite Genuine
Deep Scarlet:
Lemon Yellow Hue:
Hooker’s Green:
Cadmium Orange:
Viridian Hue:

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