June 2016 Desktop Calendar

Happy JUNE!

As a teacher's wife, I can tell you that we are thrilled to see June make it’s appearance at last!  We need some time off or you may find a couple that looks suspiciously like the two of us in the loony bin.  Anyway, on to the good stuff!

June 2016 desktop calendar.  Watercolor flower calendar design by Katrina of Blushed Design

If you've been with me for a while then you know my love for desktop calendars.  Especially when they are filled with artwork!  It's a great excuse to clean off my ever cluttered desktop and organize my work life—and by that I mean, I definitely don't mean stick everything into the "to organize" folder... because who does that anyway? #notme

This month I returned to my love for all things navy and floral.  And peonies.  Because they make the world a happier place!  There is also an ivory version for those of you who favor my need for clean white space.

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May your desktop be lovely, your workdays be productive and your month be full of sunshine, daydreams and plenty of ice cream.  Happy June!