4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Invitations

I work in custom stationery, so it’s no surprise that I’m a big lover of wedding invitations with personality! But I also know that the process of customizing something to be “just so” can be a bit overwhelming—not to mention, expensive. And sometimes, you just find something that you absolutely ADORE on Pinterest and it’s exactly what you want, but… how do you make it your own?

I’m so glad that you asked! Here are a few of my favorite ways to add personality to your wedding invitations without breaking the bank in the process!

Personalize your wedding invitations with these custom and unique touches! A wedding venue illustration on your envelope liner is the perfect way to add some customized personality to your wedding suite. #customweddinginvitations #weddinginvitations #whimsicalwedding #fineartwedding #fineartdesign #venueillustration

1: Envelope Liners

I’ve had a few brides do this over the years. They have a pretty simple invitation design that they love, but to customize the suite and add some personality, they have a custom envelope liner created! I love that it is a detail that many people are still surprised by and it can add so much to the suite as a whole.

The example above is obviously a venue, and was actually the site of the wedding ceremony itself, which I think is just darling if you are going to be married at a meaningful (or just beautiful) location. But another one of my favorites is to use a custom monogram or crest for the envelope liner. You can then repeat those details throughout the wedding day, such as on the gift bags, napkins, thank you cards, etc.

Love the idea of an envelope liner, but not sure which style is right for you? Check out my tips to finding the perfect envelope liner for your invitation suite HERE.


2: Wax Seals

Are you surprised by this at all? If you know me at all, you shouldn’t be! I’ve been a hard core fan girl of wax seals for ages now, and it’s only getting stronger with every wedding I work with. Wax seals have historic roots but are a rather unexpected addition to snail mail these days. Thus, it’s the perfect way to wow your guests before they even finish opening up your invitations.

There is a whole collection of designer stamps that are just begging for a chance to add that little something-something to your invitation suite, but my personal favorite option is a custom wax seal—either with your new monogram, or an illustrated floral from your wedding, or even a petite little wedding venue! Oh my gosh, I’m already in love with the idea of a tiny venue stamp!

Another addition to the wax seal element is the wax color itself. There are so many fun options, from the traditional metallics to bold solids, you are sure to find a color that fits your style. You can even have a custom color created to perfectly match your wedding style—that is a little more expensive, but definitely a fun way to set your invitations apart and show off your personality as a couple!


3: Wedding Map

One thing that I have not created many of is a custom wedding map! I love how a map of the general location of the wedding venue can not only serve as a helpful visual for guests, but can also highlight local attractions for out of town guests. And if you’re feeling really creative? It can share different aspects of your story together by highlighting where your first date was, where he proposed, where she finally said “I love you”, etc. So cute!

The illustration style of the map should compliment your overall suite, but can differ a bit in order to add a little more life and excitement overall. I recommend sticking closely to your font choices for the rest of the suite, and not differing too wildly in the color choices from your invitations, but other than that, the sky is the limit!

Vellum overlays or bellyband are a great way to customize and add personality to your wedding invitations! Find details about vellum wedding invitaitons along with other great ideas about how to add personality to your wedding invitations in this blog post! #weddinginvitations #vellumweddinginvitations #whimsicalwedding #modernwedding #fineartwedding

4: Vellum Overlay

This is new to the wedding scene, but I don’t think this trend is going anywhere for a while! A vellum overlay is a semi-transparent paper that can either encompass the entire suite (like a book jacket), or can lay over the invitation to add literal and aesthetic dimension to it. You can take an otherwise clean and modern invitation and, by adding a bold floral overlay, completely transform this otherwise unexciting invitation into a show stopper. Definitely something to keep in mind!

This technique is fairly new to the wedding industry, but is definitely catching momentum, and it’s not hard to see why! The additional layer has a bold and modern feel, but can still add elegance and feminine charm when used thoughtfully.

What are your favorite ways to personalize an invitation suite? I would love to hear your ideas or what you have seen and love!

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Add unique personality to your wedding invitations with one of these 4 customization ideas!  You are sure to find the unique detail that you were looking for to personalize your wedding invitations.  #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding #weddinginspiration #weddingideas
Add unique personality to your wedding invitations with one of these 4 customization ideas!  Learn how to add personalized details to your invitation suite to personalize your wedding invitations.  #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding #weddinginspiration #weddingideas
Add unique personality to your wedding invitations with one of these 4 customization ideas!  You are sure to find the unique detail that you were looking for to personalize your wedding invitations.  #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding #weddinginspiration #weddingideas