Watercolor Tutorial - How to Paint Flowers For Beginners

Watercolor flower tutorial for beginners.  Watch my step by step process as I create my latest floral piece and receive fun little tips along the way.  Artwork by Katrina of Blushed Design, Fine art wedding invitations #watercolorflowers #watercolortutorial #watercolorforbeginners

Let's keep this intro brief, shall we?  I'm anxious to get you started on the good stuff: watercolor!

I so glad that my 5 Watercolor Tips post from last month was helpful!  Many of those tips have been game changers for me in my creation process—I am self taught in watercolor, so I definitely feel like my work has developed slowly, but hopefully I am able to help your growth a bit ;)

I had a lot of extra footage from when I originally painted the modern watercolor florals for the last video, so I decided to be a little more vulnerable than usual and show you how I created it—step by step!  To respect your time, I did speed up the video a bit while I was painting, but I think you will still be able to follow along as you prepare to create your next piece!

Some of the tips that I shared in the previous video are expounded upon in this video, as well as a few other little details that did not make it into my "top 5".

If you love this style of artwork, you can receive my FREE desktop calendar HERE!  I update it every month and it usually features a watercolor or some sort of floral illustration—I would love to share that with you!

Let me know if you have any other questions about watercolor florals—I am self taught but sometimes forget what I struggled with until someone else mentions having trouble with an area that I have overcome.  I would be honored to make your watercolor journey easier!

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