Watercolor Lily Tutorial | Part 1: Mixing Colors and Loose Watercolor Florals

It’s no secret that I love flowers! So when a former bride reached out to me about creating a one of a kind watercolor flower illustration for her sweet baby-girl-to-be’s nursery, I couldn’t say “no”!

Of course, I was also excited for an excuse to film a tutorial for you and experiment more with video angle and showing you more behind the scenes of color mixing! Unfortunately, this piece took me three days to complete from start to finish, so I decided to split the video up into two manageable tutorials rather than having one big one! The first watercolor tutorial (this one) will walk you through my color mixing process, share some basic color theory techniques and some tricks that I follow to guarantee a cohesive color palette.

I will also share some tips on creating a loose watercolor floral—some of the tricks I have for getting started and how I would go about finishing this painting if I wanted to stick to a looser, more modern watercolor style.

In the second video (coming next week), I will share more about how I add detail to the illustration and solve common artistic problems in order to create a realistic and beautiful finished product.

Flower Drawing Challenge: www.blusheddesign.com/flower-drawing
Get this design on Home décor & Tech: https://society6.com/katrinacrouch/s?q=new


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Brushes: https://amzn.to/2AdmzNb
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Watercolor lily tutorial!  Come behind the scenes with me while I paint these beautiful lilies in a loose, modern watercolor style—watch the second half to see how I transform this loose watercolor style into something a little more realistic.. #modernwatercolor #loosewatercolortutorial #watercolortutorial #watercolorflowers #watercolorlilies
Want to learn how to create beautiful, loose watercolor lilies?  Especially the famed Stargazer Lily?  This video is for you!  Watch me mix the paints and start the loose layers of this beautiful watercolor painting. #watercolortutorial #watercolorlily #howtowatercolor #howtopaint #watercolorlilytutorial

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