Watercolor Swimsuits Inspired by Albion Fit

Who doesn't love a bit of window shopping?

We're a "saving" family, so I frequently exercise my right to window shop! Many an online cart has been filled, only to sit until all of the items were discontinued or reduced to a limited few.  This practice has not only provided some entertainment for me, but has also limited buyer's remorse and has allowed me to have a home and closet that house things that I love, rather than things that I found on a whim.

Thus, when the warm weather called for lake/beach adventures and my closet produced only worn out swimwear, I began window shopping... and because I was really dreaming, I ended up sketching the swimsuits out to make my final decision ;)

Watercolor swimsuits inspired by Albion fit's swimsuit line.  Watercolor illustrations by Katrina of Blushed Design

What do you think??  Comment down below and help me choose!  When I finally purchase, I will updated you all on instagram.