Heirloom Wedding Stationery

Blushed is a blend of historic, fine art inspired design with a fresh twist.  Think "Old World's" younger sister—a little more laughter and play, but the same underlying elegance and European flair.  She knows which fork to use, but she can also break the tension with a well placed compliment or joke.

As a creative, I believe that standing on the firm foundation of classic, beautifully traditional design with a hidden playful quality is what makes unique, timeless designs.  Just like the healthy marriage that you will have in the near future—solid, but not short of fun.
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The Process

Handmade paper wedding invitations with floral illustration and fine art details.  Italian paper featuring a custom monogram in the corner of a hand illustrated wedding stationery suite.  Blushed Design: Wedding Invitations and Fine Art Portraits


First, I ask that you fill out my Questionnaire (below), so that I can send you a custom quote.  Then we'll chat—typically over a video chat, in person or occasionally Email—about timeline, design, venue and budget, dreaming big and getting to know each other in the process!

Watercolor Leaves on a custom wreath painting by Blushed Design, fine art wedding stationery


Each of my brides has 1-2 weeks dedicated to the design of their heirloom wedding invitations. I am all in for you during this time—I’m not working with any other client or bride while I work on your unique design.
Everything from addresses to stamps is taken care of during this special week dedicated just to you and your big day!
I try to share progress on Instagram, so be sure to check my stories that week!

Assembly of Wedding Invitations. French blue wedding invitations with navy thread wrapped around the suite, preparing to be sent out to guests.  Artwork, assembly and photo by Blushed Design, Wedding Invitations and Bridal Portraits


I offer assembly to all of my brides, and actually prefer to handle this part of the task myself, though some of my brides to opt to tackle the task!  This is another week long process where each of your suites are lovingly assembled and prepared before I personally take them to the post office and send them out to their final destination!



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Photos on this page by: Shanell Photography, Katrina Crouch, Megan Lee Photography