“HOW do you draw like that?”
“I feel like a fraud because I can’t draw without copying other artists”


Sound familiar?

I get messages about drawing all the time, and the most frequent question that I get is “how” I got to where I am.
Wouldn’t it be great if I could just say “I started taking this multi-vitamin and POOF, I could draw!”

The truth is that I practice every single day! & I have done so for YEARS. And while I have to give most of the credit to hard work and time, I did pick up some really key tips and tricks along the way, and I would love to share them all with you!

Join me on this 5 day drawing challenge!

Together, we’ll make all of your flower drawing dreams come true (and drawing in general will be so much easier for you). I’ll show you my favorite secrets and together we will commit to practicing our craft for one business week. I think you’ll be amazed by the results!

Let’s make 2019 the year you learned to draw!


Katrina, owner and artist behind Blushed Design, specializes in fine art inspired design with a fresh twist.  She serves brides who love the old world elegance without the stuffiness and fellow wedding vendors who are trying to craft a business that they love! #weddingvendors #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding #stationerydesigner www.blusheddesign.com

If we haven’t met before, my name is Katrina

I am the fine artist, wedding stationer and educator behind Blushed Design.  After 5 years of teaching art professionally, I took my little stationery business full time so that I could be home with our young son.  While I don’t intend to go back to teaching full time, I can’t seem to shake the habit and have started teaching online to students new and old alike.

I was inspired to start this challenge

as a way to connect with fellow artists or art admirers who were frustrated with their drawing endeavors and wanted to either learn to draw or improve their technique and confidence!

I am so excited to get to know you and see what you are able to create this week. Let’s get started!


Still skeptical? Here’s a few testimonials:


Quote from student who finished and is really excited about the challenge!


Quote from student who finished and is really excited about the challenge!


Quote from student who finished and is really excited about the challenge!

Fine art wedding invitations on handmade paper featuring a stunning floral illustration.  I love the calligraphy on this piece too! So elegant. www.blusheddesign.com #fineartwedding #weddinginspiration #handmadepaper

Okay, she can draw… but can she TEACH?

I taught art professionally for 5 years before coming home to hang with my cute baby and run Blushed full time! Even though I don’t plan to go back to teaching traditionally anytime soon, I can’t seem to shake the habit and share tutorials on my YouTube channel every month!

So if you’re curious about this chick’s teaching style,
I invite you to check it out here:

Rose gold wax seal design feautring a unique cameo inspired silhouette! Perfect for the fine art bride and her wedding invitations.  www.blusheddesign.com #weddinginvitations #fineartwedding #waxseals #waxseal

Photos on this page by: Shanell Photography, Katrina Crouch, Megan Lee Photography