Hurray! I love a good giveaway. I love to win them (especially if it has anything to do with Albion Fit) and I love to host them.  It's hard not to get excited when gifting something that you know the other person will love, right?  And when you also get something in return—like more traffic and business to your site or social media—it's even more exciting! I cannot wait to partner with YOU to bring your clients, friends and audience a chance to win something special!

Let's get started...


Hostess Gift

As my gracious host, I would be honored to illustrate a portrait for you! I find that the best way to showcase my own abilities to your audience is to show them an example with someone they already know and love—YOU.  Feel free to choose an outfit, props or color swatches that fit within your branding. To read more about the process itself, click here

What I need from you:

  • Pictures of yourself (head shot / pose / clothing / etc)
  • Your address (where the portrait will be sent

Limit to 2 people/subjects.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and delivery.


Delivery of Portrait

After your portrait is finished, I will send that your way! Once you receive the illustration, please take photos of the finished piece that fit your branding—remember, a successful IG giveaway depends on showcasing the "prize" in a flattering way.

If you are unable to take the photos yourself, feel free to let me know and I will take some before delivery that you can use for the giveaway.


The Giveaway

Now it's time for the fun, let's get this giveaway started!  You are in the driver's seat now and have the freedom to decide when the giveaway starts and ends.  Here are a few things that I recommend and have found to work well for Instagram:

  • Giveaways that run for at least a week tend to receive more interaction than shorter term giveaways.
  • Mentioning the giveaway at least twice in your Instagram feed provides a strong boost
  • Instagram Stories is a powerful tool!  Many users are scrolling less and watching more—mix it up by talking about the portrait/giveaway as well as taking photos

After the giveaway is over, simply choose a random winner and I will contact them myself!