Custom Monogram and Wax Seal

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Custom Monogram and Wax Seal


Custom wedding monogram and wax seal design. Design week will be scheduled after payment is confirmed.


  • Custom monogram using the two initials provided

  • Extended licensing for personal use of digital design (you will be legally allowed to use monogram on other elements of your wedding or event)

  • Wax seal is included

  • 5 wax seal sticks in the color of your choice

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The Design Process:

Step One: Your Vision

After you check out, I will contact you via Email regarding the initials and we will schedule a design week.  During your design week I will create a sketch that reflects your vision.  Once the sketch is complete, I will send that to you for approval.

Step Two: The Proposal

After you review the sketch, I will take your feedback and revise the sketch if needed.  Each piece includes 2 revisions.

Step Three: The Design

After we are satisfied with the sketch, I will bring your monogram to life! A digital representation of your crest will be designed for personal printing use as well as a wax seal ready version.

Step Four: Delivery

After your design is finished, I will deliver the digital files to you and order your custom wax seal and the wax requested.