The Editorial Collection has all of the benefits of the Blushed style but on an easier timeline and with more predictability.
Click on the images items below for more details about each individual suite

Timeline: 5+ weeks



A minimum of 5 weeks from the date specified in the banner at the top of this website, from purchase to delivery.

  • Foil printing will extend that time by a week

  • Handmade paper (coming soon) will extend that timeline by 5 weeks.

Limited customization is available for:

  • Wording

  • Color adjustments (scroll for more details)

  • Font selection (from within the collection)

  • Minor layout adjustments

  • Combining collection suites




120lb Cardstock: STANDARD

A smooth, beautiful cotton based paper with crisp edges and the softest texture that is ideal for showing off beautiful colors and intricate details. This paper option comes in standard sizes and follows traditional postage and envelope standards.

Currently offering Flat printing and Foil printing on 120lb Cardstock


Rossi Italian handmade paper: OVERSIZED

Oversized, luxurious paper with a beautiful texture and the most subtle decked edge. This paper type only comes in oversized options, and thus requires extra postage as well as a specific style of envelopes.

Currently offering Flat printing on Rossi papers.



The colors listed below highlight the color options available for envelopes as well as illustrative or textual elements for the invitations themselves. This is especially strict for letterpress (coming soon), but is also a good guide to follow for flat printing, as I will use the envelopes you choose to select colors when I am finalizing your designs.

Standard Envelopes:


Oversized Envelopes (Italian)


Please note, that colors may vary based on your screen.


Wax Seal Colors:


I have partnered with Artisaire on many occasions to create beautiful wax seals for my brides, and there is no one that I trust more than them. Below are the color options that I offer for The Editorial Collection. These colors compliment the designs and fit a variety of opportunities. However, if there is a specific color from Artisaire that you wish to use for your stationery, feel free to reach out and I will look into it further.



Design / Approval:
After purchase of your custom suite, I will personally contact you within two business days with a full mock up and further customization options for your suite. I will NOT print or order any of your items until approval has been given. If approval is delayed, the original timeline is not guaranteed. Once approval is given, no returns can be made. Reprints will be made (if due to your oversight during approval process) after the bill for additional costs has been completed.

Due to the handmade and personalized nature of these products, refunds are not available. Quantity and size cannot be decreased or switched once the purchase is made.

Prices listed within our website are subject to change without notice. Blushed partners with many different vendors to create your beautiful product, and if adjustments are made on their end, we must also adjust our prices.
As a small business, we strive for excellence, but there may be a mistake on the individual listings. If this happens, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your money through the purchase method you used.

Due to the collaborative nature of each stationery suite, we cannot guarantee that any element (paper stock, envelopes, colors, wax seals or wax, etc.) of your stationery suite will be available from our vendors. If an item were to prove to be unavailable, you will be notified immediately and presented with similar items of the same quality.

A standard estimate for domestic postage (US) is included with each suite and recommendations are included in your first design Email for you to choose from. However, we are not responsible for adjustments in postage fees, international postage estimates, nor do we make any guarantees of the postage amount.  We recommend having your articles weighed and examined by the USPS and even having them hand-canceled, if possible.

We carefully package and deliver every order to the post office, but are not responsible for the state of packages delivered once the package leaves our hands and is in the hands of a delivery company, such as FedEx, USPS, or UPS. We are not financially liable if delivery company delays delivery time, loses the package, or damages the package.

International Shipping:
As The Editorial Collection is a new adventure for Blushed, we do not currently offer international shipping. Invitations are only available to be shipped from Blushed to areas within the United States (no including assembled invitations).



Q: How many invitations should I order?
A: One for each household, one for the photographer and planner (each) and at least one to keep. Then I recommend 10-15% extra for keepsakes, invitations that are lost in the mail (average is 3%) and additional guests.

Q: What is included in each suite? Postage? Liners? Etc
A: Each suite includes the invitation and envelopes along with the number of inserts requested. A “2 piece” suite includes the invite and response only with envelopes. A “3 piece” = invite, response and detail card with envelopes.

Q: Is Postage Included?
A: No, postage is not included due to the custom nature of these designs. We recommend that you take your finished invitations to the post office (with liners, wax seals, etc. included) and have them weigh and tell you how much each postage they require.

Q: How much time does it take to get my invitations?
A: 4-5 weeks from purchase to delivery—please see announcement bar at the top of this page for additional details

Q: Can I purchase additional items, such as envelope addressing, envelope liners, wax seals, etc?
A: Yes, these items are available in the shop! Simply add them to your cart in the same way that you add the invitations—it is preferable that you checkout with everything at the same time to avoid multiple shipments.

Q: Can I customize the text to reflect our family circumstance?
A: Yes! The text shown in the pictures is simply an example. If no specifications are given in your questionnaire, then I will adapt your text based on my knowledge of etiquette and the style of your wedding

Q: Can I customize the suite beyond what is listed in the “customization” section?
A: Not likely, though it doesn’t hurt to ask