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My name is Katrina.
Educator of artists and Artist for stationers.

My strength lies in my classically trained background and my ability to bring this style of artwork to life in a more modern setting. After years in the wedding industry, I discovered that a number of designers struggled in the place where I excelled: the artwork itself. So I set about to fill the holes that I had discovered—whether it is equipping the artist to create with advanced fine art courses that aren’t available elsewhere, or creating the artwork with my own fingers.

When I’m not at my desk, I’m usually reading books or talking about cars with my toddler; dreaming with my husband and fellow artist; or uprooting and re-planting our entire flower garden because “I have an idea!”


Art Education

Fine artist and former art teacher, Katrina breaks down her process for creating illustrations, watercolor and stationery.


Wedding Stationery

Our exclusive compilation of semi custom wedding invitation designs, created with the Blushed Bride in mind.

Artwork by a stationer, for stationers!  Love designing but don't have the skill set or time to complete the illustrations that you need to fit your vision?  Blushed now provides exclusive collections of illustrations as well as custom artwork for your designs!

Art for Designers

Browse our exclusive collection of illustrations designed specifically for stationers, or inquire about something custom!


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Photos on this page by: Katrina Crouch, and Shanell Photography